Preparing Supermarket Space For The Retail Sales Rush

Preparing Supermarket Space For The Retail Sales Rush

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superEvery year the story is the same. No matter the schemes, no matter the ads, no matter the discounts or the fare, the retail space always enjoys massive sales rush only in the last quarter of the year. The busiest time of the year will never give you the space to breathe nor plan your retail space. Therefore, it is best, that you prepare your sales in advance to enjoy a smooth sail when the wind is right!

A Scary Scene During Sales Season
The supermarket racks look flooded with goods. The gondolas are filled to the brim. The usually chic retail space resembles a stockpile of goods with the racks almost sceaming ‘I feel heavy.’ All this, even before the first customer of the day steps into the store!

Tidy & Clear Up
Ensure that the entire place is better organized. Stack and store unwanted, non-moving items in separate storage boxes. Check damages across all racks and storage solutions, the isles, miscellaneous things that would require repairs, etc. Ensure that you do not spend time on flickering light bulbs, leaking pipes, broken supermarket display solutions, etc. Eliminating possible surprises during the peak season will help you immensely


Rack & Pack

The peak season will push you to extend your capabilities in terms of storage, supplies and stock rotation. A seasonal rush can spike your demand and supply to over 20 times to that of an average day. Choose smart supermarket shelving units that will offer better visibility while saving space. Run through your previous year’s list of products that accounted for the highest sales and those that you want to put up on sale. Using this list, stack and position items accordingly. Those that have a quick turnaround time should have the maximum visibility and easy access to customers.

Stock It & Stack It!
It is pertinent that the shelves are filled with the right goods. Do not over do it by stacking the wrong items. Go back to the list of goods from last year’s sales. Analyze the market behavior and trends, jot down the items that will still make it to the fast-moving list, ensure those are the ones that are loud and clear when your customer step into the aisles.

Don’t Miss the Miscellaneous
The small things matter at the end of the day, ensure that you list it down in your list of priorities. Check the shopping baskets, the moving carts, wrapping tissues, display signs, labels, price tags, carrier bags, tagging guns, additional supermarket slat systems, wiring, refrigeration, etc. are in good condition. Though these are not enlisted in the top priority list, these small things are important for easy, hiccup-free functioning of the supermarket during the peak season.

Remember that smart work goes a long way in saving you the blues! Organize, Don’t Agonize! Do the groundwork, spend a little time and resource on preparation and organization, it is sure worth every dime & every minute spent, once the mad season starts!

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