Clouds Interiors is an interior designing company based in Doha, Qatar. They are well known for their services in office interiors, ceiling designs, gypsum partitioning and ceilings and kiosk design. Their major focus is to achieve excellence in the field of home or office or hospitality designs and strive to deliver high quality and cost efficient designs with customer satisfaction. Their unique designs assure maximum functionality. A kiosk is a small, open front, physical structure which may serve one of many functions and because it can serve several functions it must be designed appropriately.

Kiosks are usually used for business promotions. But it may also be a reception desk, inquiry/help desk, food kiosk, display of wares and so much more. The most desirable outcome for optimal functioning of a kiosk i.e. to serve its purpose most efficiently is that it must attract attention from potential clients or customers. An active, attractive kiosk, in the right location, will better serve its purpose. It may function as promotional for either small and large companies or even home-based businesses.

They are ideal for almost all businesses to serve as promotional outlets. Home based businesses or small businesses can invest in kiosks as they are cheaper than renting or owning an outlet in some commercial space. Kiosks for being small can be easily set up just about anywhere with enough space and visibility. As they are small spaces, they can be manned by just one person or two or three at the most. Since they are small tight places, they should be planned to the tiniest detail based on utility.

The kiosk may be located in a mall, which is an ideal place for one, or it may be located just outside of a busy retail shop or even on the street. The kiosk build will depend on where it is located and the duration. A kiosk within a mall can do even without a ceiling whereas the outdoor kiosks need effective ceilings. The outdoor kiosk needs to be built of stronger material and be waterproof. Depending on the duration, the kiosk may be just a fabric of polyester material on poles or ones made of stronger materials like gypsum boards for longer durations.

The kiosk must be designed so as to suit the business in the best possible way. A food kiosk, for example, will require a lot of detail, from proper electric supplies, food storage, facilities to keep the items warm or cold, packaging material, a stove for fast food and a table for preparing the food, cash storage, and a separate delivery window, to avoid chaos.

kiosk design model

A kiosk that focuses on delivering information by an interaction between the company representative and potential clients only needs a desk and some seating arrangement to avoid tiring out. In humid climates, you can even install fans in the kiosks. Some informational pamphlets and brochures about the company will come in handy to distribute to those interested.

A kiosk that needs to display its items or give out samples will require display shelves and a table to interact with customers. Displays such as art, craft, jewellery, books, and cosmetics will require proper display shelves and good lighting. Cosmetic kiosks may also be interested in an area where they can intrigue those who would like to try a makeover too.

An interactive screen is a great way of providing information and gains attention from clients who wouldn’t like to queue up just in case the kiosk is too busy. An interactive screen will also allow you to display more about the company in it with more details and pictures.

Once you have the kiosk in place, make sure to check all essentials and operations before starting up. Potential clients could lose interest if you keep them waiting. You need to remember that they did not seek you in the first place, they just chanced upon you in the mall or street where they probably came for a totally different reason. Make sure that you have a very efficient staff placed at the kiosk, a person great at interacting with people, maintaining their interest and in promoting your business. See to it that your representation is well informed about the company.

Enhance the beauty of your kiosk. An attractive and unique kiosk is bound to gain attention. Let the kiosk be well lit, bright lighting is the easiest of methods to gain attention along with a unique design of the kiosk. Keep it as interactive as possible and engage the customers with high-quality videos, photos and displays. Since it is a small space, make sure that it is clutter free. Placing a few chairs in front of the kiosk will encourage people to be seated and get to know more. Employ subtle natural elements like fresh flowers on the desk or indoor plants just outside the kiosk.

SupermarketUsually, the supermarkets are a good place for doing the home shopping. I love doing shopping in the supermarkets during the weekends. In order to become successful, it is essential to have a mission whatever the business might be. In the case of the supermarket, maintaining a positive and friendly environment is very essential in order to have a good shopping experience. I usually prefer a supermarket that provides various types of quality products in a cost effective manner. It will be more preferable if the spot is more spacious and convenient for moving. Make sure that the supermarket is safe enough to do the shopping as there are many unexpected problems arising in the society in recent days.

Mission For A SupermarketIt is the responsibility of the supermarket to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the security and service of the place. This way, the person will become a regular customer of the place. I prefer the place that provides me advanced services, and hence it will be better to update the supermarket by adding the latest and attractive features regularly in order to stay successful in the market. It is also our responsibility to make sure that the equipments and materials of the supermarket are not damaged by us knowingly or unknowingly. It will be better if we try new and innovative ideas that will help you to sustain in the market for a long time. So always think out of the box to be successful.

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Rack typesAn essential element in the supermarket is the racks as they decide the infrastructure and the arrangement of the goods in the supermarket. There are various types of racks available that are meant for various purposes in the supermarket. I have explained some best rack designs that I have seen in the supermarkets. Corner racks, as the name suggests will help you to make sure that the corners of the supermarkets are not left unused. They will help you to stock the items in a better way even at the corners. Cash counter racks will make sure that the billing person will find it easy to do his work conveniently in this setup.


Types Of Supermarket RacksAlligator bin is a way through which the goods can be stacked vertically. Usually an item with many flavors can be stocked here as the customers will find it easy to get hold of the items. Broom stand is especially used in order to stock the brooms and cleaning sticks in the supermarket. There will be some racks perforated with hooks, and it will make sure the person will find it easy to stock the goods that have to be hanged. Four sided racks is another way of arrangement where the goods can be arranged in a way so that the products will be seen from all directions. Stepped rack is another way of arranging the products in the supermarket. Ball cage racks will be used to store the items that will be rolling from its place like a ball.

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super marketIt is very essential to spot the right place in order to build a supermarket and the place with more crowds will be apt for this purpose. I love doing shopping among the crowds though it may sound weird, but it is a peculiar habit of mine. So I always prefer the shops that have good crowd as I believe that the stock in such shops will always be fresh when compared to the other shops as they will have a faster goods movement in the market. If it is not possible to build a new building, then one can try leasing a shop and do the alterations according to the requirement with the permission of the owner. Most the supermarkets will be working 24/7 as it is considered to be one of the basic necessities for a normal lifestyle.


Importance Of Location And Working HoursSupermarkets should be ready to accept all types of credit cards apart from cash as it is a very common practice in recent days. It will be better to use credit cards as it has many security advantages. I always use credit cards for my shopping as it will make me free from the fear of robbery. One can find supermarkets in famous malls, and it is the best spot for setting up a supermarket as it is a place where there will be more people visiting the spot daily. A supermarket with good parking space will be preferred by many in order to park their cars safely during their shopping.

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Technology in supermarketI am a person who believes that technology is a vital part of the world that can be used in any department or field in order to make unimaginable improvements. For example, let us take a supermarket and see the importance and improvements brought by the technology there. There are many types of equipments included in the supermarkets that have made the shopping experience faster and easier. The billing has become faster due to the introduction of computers and printers. It has made the calculations very easy and simple. There is much software developed and dedicated to the supermarkets that will make the works free from most of the errors. Even marketing techniques have been improved a lot due to technology.

Include Technology In SupermarketsThere are many chains of supermarkets, and it will be very easy to control them with the latest technological developments. The updates from the companies can reach within minutes through emails or phone calls. It will be very easy for managing the supermarkets very efficiently, in this case. There are many CCTV cameras fixed by the management in the supermarkets which will allow them to know the happenings in the supermarkets promptly. If there is any theft or complaint about the service of the employee, then we can check the CCTV recordings and solve the problem very easily. This has improved the security level of the place and has avoided many unnecessary complications in the shop. It has replaced the papers in the stores with electronic equipments and has made the data storage very easy.

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